Stone / Brickwork

Farrow Eco Systems are fully experienced in cleaning any type of stone or brickwork. Our specialist team can transform the interior or exterior of a building using our environmentally safe blasting method. Wet blasting is an extremely effective method to clean stone and brickwork, exposing the building’s hidden character.

Whether it is to clean off years of accumulated grime or layers of paint coatings our system will restore a variety of old and new brick back to its former glory.

The techniques we use vary from project to project depending on the stone/brickwork to be cleaned. We offer a sample test blast to ascertain the correct pressure and blast media to be used. Blasting can be done at variable pressures allowing a very specific method for individual projects, thus producing the optimum finished result. Soft bricks such as London or Cheshire Common require a less aggressive blast media and pressure whilst engineering brick is a lot tougher and can take a more aggressive approach.

Refurbishment projects can benefit from a clean, unpainted facade, or from having old and new bricks blended to create a uniform finish.

Our system is equally effective at removing rust/scale or built up coatings of paint from metal work ie railings, period fireplaces, gutters and downsprouts.

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