Our environmentally friendly, chemical free system is specifically designed for the removal of marine anti-foul without damaging the gel coat. That is why many private boat owners and marinas across the UK insist on Farrow Eco Systems for the removal of their anti-foul, whether it’s the family dinghy, or an ocean going liner.

Farrow Eco Systems are specialists in marine anti-foul removal whether it be fibreglass, wood or steel hulls. Our system can remove single or multiple coats of anti-foul whilst leaving the epoxy coat below undamaged. Similarly, we can remove every coat on the vessel exposing the hull back to its original state.

The Farrow System for Marine Applications

With fine adjustments to the pressure and heated mix, and with the ability to allow incremental changes to the volume of media available at the nozzle, we have the technology to carefully remove layers of paint, tar, varnish, toxic anti-foul, rust, even cement-like barnacles without damaging the surface underneath, and leaving the gel coat intact.

Our system effectively controls dust nuisance by containing the blast media within the vaporised water element. Hot water is introduced into the blast stream to envelope the particles in a fine mist as they leave the nozzle. This allows the system to be used in close proximity to other vessels without the over spray or damage usually associated with dry blasting.

Whatever your vessel’s construction – wood, fibreglass, plastic or steel – this safe, eco friendly non-toxic system carefully removes the layer you don’t want, whilst protecting the layers you do!

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