Blast Cleaning

Our mobile wet blast system cleans the surface of a material by wet blasting with one of the many types of blast media available, dependent on the surface to be cleaned, such as – kiln dried sand, recycled ground glass, polymer beads or aluminium oxide. Sandblasting is carried out to remove paint, rust, scale or oxidisation; sometimes different medias are used to impart a particular finish to the surface being cleaned.

Items which can be cleaned by Farrow Eco Systems vary from fibre glass, wood, soft stone, brick and masonry, through to aluminium, iron and steel. It is simply a case of determining the correct material and pressure to accomplish the task. For instance, wood or soft stone would be blasted at a very low pressure using kiln dried sand or recycled ground glass. However iron or steel can be cleaned at full pressure using chilled iron or aluminium oxide.

Our system effectively controls dust nuisance by containing the blast media within the vaporised water element. Hot water is introduced into blast stream to envelope the particles in a fine mist as they leave the nozzle.

Due to the unpredictable nature of this work, and in order to gain an idea of the cost of the cleaning we can offer a test patch on the item in question, to ascertain the amount of time and material that will be required to remove the layers of paint without damaging the surface of the item itself.


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