Antifoul Removal, Mobile Sandblasting & Stone Cleaning

Welcome to Farrow Eco Systems – the specialist wet and dry mobile sandblasting company.

From brickwork renovation to marine anti-foul removal, our expert team travel the length and breadth of the UK in response to client requests for all manner of mobile sandblasting projects.

Unlike many mobile sandblasting companies we don’t just turn up and let loose, we have a wide variety of blast media and pressures to ensure we only remove the offending dirt, grime, paint etc – and leave the underlying surface undamaged.

Our mobile sandblasting team utilise both wet and dry techniques depending on the subject and location. For our marine anti-foul removal we will often use wet blasting due to the need for extreme care when used on fibreglass hulls and to reduce any risk of over-spray or damage to any craft nearby.

As well as marine anti-foul removal we’re often tasked with stripping boat hulls back to their original state, ready for a fresh gel-coat or change of livery. Due to the precise nature of our blasting and anti-foul removal methods we can literally strip off individual layers to the required depth. Whether it’s wood, steel or fibreglass, we can perform paint, gel-coat and anti-foul removal on almost any type of craft.

Our brick and stone cleaning also makes use of wet blasting, which treats old brickwork with extra care and greatly reduces the levels of dust and debris. From graffiti to grime and carbon deposits, our mobile sandblasting techniques can transform a building facade and rejuvenate tired brick or stone. Our mobile sandblasting team can remove decades of paint or years of soot build-up, and also strip railings and gates for renovation too.

As we’re seeing an increasing return to original features in homes our mobile sandblasting offers exceptional green oak cleaning, removing any marks or stains that may have been acquired during construction. We can also restore period wood to its original state - removing decades or centuries of accumulated dirt.

Call us now to discuss your need for Farrow Eco Systems’ mobile sandblasting team on 0151 342 4454 - one of our team will be happy to talk to you about any aspect of our wet and dry blasting or marine anti-foul removal.

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